by Jeffrey J Addison

2020 - 2021 has been an interesting year of creating content and diversification of our live interactive puppet shows to TORO PIKOPIKO TALES Audiobooks, Stop start animations and revamping our Children's TV Series called TORO PIKOPIKO E created in 2004 - 2008! 

So YES we are still here creating enjoyable & entertaining CHILDRENS content based on Traditional and Contemporary stories filled with virtues and morals for our future generations. 

2020 is TORO PIKOPIKO PUPPETS’ 25th year of creating and performing original puppet theatrical shows for children. MAMA LONG-FIN is the 18th puppet show I have written since Te Whaitaima and I began touring TE NGATA MATAKU in 1995.

MAMA LONG-FIN is an environmental themed musical about an eighty year-old eel and the obstacles she has to overcome on her once-in-a-lifetime journey to the breeding grounds of Hawaiiki.  MAMA LONG- FIN features 120 fabulous fold-out ‘Flatsie’ puppets including long-fin, short fin, moray and conger eels, rainbow trout, koura, kokopu and other aquatic creatures that audience children get to puppeteer with us as we tell the story together.